Hello and welcome to Jonnys Smoothies, the home of 100% pure fruit smoothies and real fruit milkshakes. We don’t add ice or nasties to pack out our flavours, we just use more whole fruit to give you that lovely, distinctively unique Jonnys Smoothies taste tingle.

Both our smoothies and milkshakes count as 2 towards your five-a-day fruit and vegetables, with a full portion of pure pressed cloudy apple juice (cloudy apple juice contains much more of the natural fruit fibre) together with a full portion of whole fruit.

Each and every smoothie made freshly to order in each and everyone one of our outlets.

100% pure fruit smoothies with nothing added, and nothing taken away. Fruit and Juice, nothing more, nothing less.

Compostable cups, lids and straws ensuring our impact on the environment is minimal.