Jonny was a smoothies pioneer in the “naughties”. Originally sold at festivals and events, demand increased so local cafes started to offer the amazing fruit smoothies.

Jonnys Smoothies provides local independent café’s and shop’s with the facilities to make delicious, 100% pure fruit smoothies and real fruit milkshakes, freshly made to order every time. Our packaging is one better than bio-degradable, its compostable, meaning it can break down in the natural environment in just 8 weeks! It’s actually made of plants!

“Jonnys Smoothies are absolutely delicious, and our customers love them.”

Debbie Biggin, Summer Cafe.

“Knowing exactly when we’ll receive our delivery is invaluable to us, our deliveries come at least twice a week, Shaws have been very reliable with the deliveries and have given us great support with the Blenders”

Lesley Hinsley, Cafe Mosaic.